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Introduction to Business Analysis & Techniques

Class Description: The purpose of this class is to teach fundamental business analysis concepts, roles, activities, and most common techniques needed to collaborate with stakeholders to define business requirements and solutions for current and future state organizational needs.

The course is founded on the principles and methods defined in the PMI Guide to Business Analysis by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

A variety of exercises and workshops are included throughout the course to provide skills application and hands on learning of key skills needed for successful business analysis.

Audience: business analysts, project managers, team members & stakeholders / 25 maximum students

Duration: 2-days

Delivery: Interactive lecture and exercises. Attendees will receive a free BA Workbook Excel template.

Learning Topics:

  • Business analysis overview
  • Factors for Business Analyst success
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Requirements overview
  • Requirements elicitation methods, including Interviewing techniques & brainstorming methods
  • Introduction to visual models
  • Current state analysis using visual techniques
  • Process analysis to determine future state
  • How do you pick a solution?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of business analysis core concepts and terminology
  • Understanding of what tasks business analysts perform
  • Understanding of product lifecycles and how they align with project lifecycles
  • Understanding of common causes for project failure & where effective business analysis can make the most positive impact
  • Knowledge of the five states in business analysis
  • Knowledge of what environmental factors impact business analysis
  • Understanding of what characteristics contribute to successful business analysis
  • Knowledge of how to identify and engage stakeholders
  • Knowledge of Requirements Lifecycle Management and typical business analysis activities related to this
  • Describe and identify the five primary requirement types
  • Knowledge of what constitutes a well written requirement
  • Understand how BAs elicit requirements
  • Understanding of the key interview questions and preparation activities for eliciting business requirements
  • Understanding of visual models’ effectiveness in business analysis
  • Understand how collaborative games can be used in business analysis
  • Applied skills in developing current state Functional Decomposition Diagrams and Process Models
  • Know the common techniques used to determine future state
  • Applied skill in Process Analysis for “future state” identification
  • Understand what techniques can be used to select a solution
  • Plan of action for applying skills learned in class

 Workshop Activities:

  • Match Requirement Type game
  • Rewrite requirements to meet “fitness” test
  • Interview question preparation workshop
  • Create a Functional Decomposition Diagram (FDD)
  • Create a current state Process Model for one of the identified processes from the FDD
  • Complete a Process Model Analysis for the defined current state Process Model, along with recommendations for improvements 
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