our training approach

We believe people learn best through a combination of teaching methods.  Everyone learns differently, whether through discussion, independent processing of concepts (visual, experiential, tactile, and audible), and hands-on application.  

Our course development is designed based on this philosophy, supported by adult learning theory to maximize the experience of the student, increasing retention and direct application outside of the classroom. All of our training is instructor led.

Our offerings

Our already developed training classes delivered in-person by experienced instructors include Introduction to Project Management and Introduction to Business Analysis. We can deliver one of our existing courses or develop a custom one to meet your project training needs.  

introduction to Business analysis

​Audience: business analysts, project managers, team members and stakeholders

This hands-on two day class teaches the fundamentals of business analysis and several techniques that can be used to collaborate with project team members and stakeholders to define requirements and processes. Techniques covered include writing requirements, interviewing, functional decomposition, and process modelling and analysis.

Introduction to Managing projects

Audience:  Project Managers (new & experienced), project team members, sponsors, and functional managers directly involved with project work

This hands-on four day course introduces best practices and fundamental skills needed to successfully complete projects.  The course includes "reality checks" with concepts, as well as full project lifecycle simulation applying tools and techniques in a dynamic team environment.  Basic project management tools, as well as related examples and workshops will be integrated with the course delivery to ensure the content is relevant to the student's real work experience.

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We look forward to helping you with your project management training needs.  Please contact us to request more information on how we can help you reach your goals through solid project management skills.

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